Letters: "The Myth Of DIY" in Israel

Received this note via my myspace account:

Hey Chris,

I'm an Israeli musician. I had my debut album out last year, and I'm the owner of a nice recording studio in Israel. I just read your article "The Myth of DIY" and was really moved by your writing, as a musician, as a professional engineer and producer and especially as an artist (of any kind).

It's not that I haven't read 1,000 economy oriented articles before about the changing music business. It's just that in reality, I see brilliant, brilliant artists practically going to waste, mainly because they can afford two days max of renting the studio. And as an artist and a "businessman", I often find myself ripped between trying to keep my studio alive and working, and the feeling that the song I'm recording at the moment has got to have (at least!) one more day of recording, even if they can't afford it...

Anyway, just wanted to let you know... I don't know...

Very nice songs btw,