Musicians Speak (Anonymously): Myth Of DIY

Great article. Its weird to think that only 0.1% of music purchased is vinyl.... the market is all fucked up.... It's weird how much the market has changed in the past 15 years, I think bands like ours would've done much better with royalties from cds back then... I think we sold something like 10,000 hard copies of cds/vinyl in the states of the LP which i suppose is pretty good for these days when probably 30K plus people have it for free... it really does make a difference in royalties because that fraction of downloads basically is the cheddar that we would have had.... at the same time if people like it enough they'll buy vinyl and go to the shows.... anyway...

Hey Chris,
I was very moved by your article, it was one of the most insightful and level headed things I've read in awhile. I'm an artist who's income is dependent on tip jars and cd/mp3 sales. If I didn't love making the art so much I would have had to quit long ago.
Just wanted to thank ya for it.
'Do It Together' would be more apt wouldn't it?

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